2016 China OLED Display Industry Summit - Shanghai Ruizheng Corporation

On December 14, OLED display industry association of China "2016 China OLED display industry summit" in the G20 held the grand opening of hangzhou. Committed to the development of the OLED technology of upstream and downstream vendors gathered in the hall, the day of the event, LG Display DE lu phase President to participate in the meeting and speech, said: "thanks to the whole of 2016, 2017 will be the OLED inflection point of market growth, according to industry are about to open big maritime era." 

Throughout according to the market, the traditional LCD market has presented a piece of the red sea, the weakness of the LCD seems to have is irreversible. While OLED market sales and application on rapid breakthrough, whether the traditional display equipment manufacturers, with unlimited potential of wearable or future intelligent device, the demand for OLED screen are very hot, OLED market gradually formed a complete industrial chain. The OLED market today has been flourishing state, it must carry the south Korean giant LG Display panel's efforts on the promotion of OLED, from beginning to end spare no effort to support OLED technology, also because of this, in terms of large size panel, LG Display has the most mature of OLED technology. 

Shanghai Ruizheng as an important partner of LG, has been committed to research in OLED, believe that will have a bigger development in 2017.