Global Responsibility

As the world famous chemical foreign trade, Shanghai Ruizheng in their daily work, continue to strengthen the service consciousness of the staff, further implement the "integrity, professional, customer first" customer value. And the constant pursuit of quality service, efficient management, advanced production process.

  • Service: to maintain a lasting relationship with customers, Shanghai Ruizheng strives to provide the best customer service feedback from the production stage to the customer service. Our goal is to ensure that our customers receive all necessary support. In addition, we continue to maintain the global social trust, responsible members.

  • Management: lead and influence the market, Shanghai Ruizheng continue to strengthen leadership, shaping our enterprise behavior aspects and ethics. We constantly improve the operation scheme in order to solve the dynamic consumer and market demand. Our constant pursuit of technological innovation and creativity, meet the needs of the future.

  • Process: to provide the highest quality products to our customers, we pioneer cutting-edge solutions in the field of technology, processes and products. We use lead, improve the quality and performance of our products and production technology to modern science and technology. The new method we strive to achieve the analysis and design, always challenge yourself as a beyond an innovative company.

Overall, we are committed to a fair, transparent management based on these three principles. We will contribute to the overall industrial and environmental sustainability and social improvement by creating valuable products and ideas.