Manufacturing - Shanghai Ruizheng Corporation Produce

We have a wide range of production line, covering tens of thousands of products, such as OLED, which can meet different requirements of our clients. We not only cooperate with many creditable manufacturers, but also established our own plant. We have strong belief that we can offer you better service compared with other companies.

Trading - Shanghai Ruizheng Corporation Customized

We have our own R&D center and matched manufacturing base, which ensure us to supply customer synthesis. If you need customer synthesis, please feel free to contact us and submit your requirements. We will produce exactly according to your requirements. Otherwise, you can also contact directly with our technical staffs to better communicate about your requirements and production. We are expecting your visit to our office.

Sourceing - Shanghai Ruizheng Corporation OME

If you cannot find corresponding product that you need at our official website, please contact us and we can also provide OEM service. We can meet all your OEM requirements with aid of professional production equipments and staffs. In comparison with other companies we can offer you excellent full service and more competitive quotation.

Import Trade - Shanghai Ruizheng Import Trade

For the international market, we are also a centered service provider, we will be the international quality products delivered to the domestic market.Shanghai Ruizheng hope and international enterprises to cooperate to build a bridge for Chinese and foreign business cooperation. Rooted in the domestic market we have enough understanding of Chinese market team, to better serve the world the enterprise.

Export Trade -Shanghai Ruizheng Corporation Export Trade

The export business is one of the most important areas of the business, we have a strong team of foreign trade professional services in the domestic chemical enterprises as well as our own, we will be the quality of domestic chemical products transported to the five continents,.Shanghai Ruizheng partners around the world to provide a one-stop service, as long as you order, as long as you left wait for the product to your hands on it.