Shanghai Ruizheng was founded in 1996, is located in the most important economic center and the global China important trade port of Shanghai. In this fertile land, the company adhering to customer satisfaction, let the staff development mission of happiness, to become the industry leader for chemical foreign trade enterprise vision. With advanced chemical technology as the main research and development industrialization, production and foreign trade as a whole. Is a global chemical products manufacturer and supplier.
At present, we mainly serve chemistry, medicine, biology, materials, energy, food and other fields, to provide high-quality, high efficiency for customers, convenient and stable services. The company has with the United States, Germany, Britain, South Korea, Japan, Iran, India, New Zealand, Malaysia and other world famous companies to establish a long-term and stable cooperative relations! Products mainly include but not limited to OLED and OPV intermediates and materials, pharmaceutical intermediates, noble metal catalysts, plant extracts, food additives and so on. At the same time we provide in addition to conventional chemical products and customized products also accept OEM services.
In order to better expand the company's product line, one after another in 2000 at home in Shandong, Hunan, Jiangxi, Henan, Shaanxi opened their own production base, and to establish stable relations of cooperation in the universities, the establishment of a more perfect research center.2011 in Hongkong set up a branch in Hongkong, and the establishment of Shanghai Ruizheng chemical technology limited company, in early 2012 in Shanghai in 2016, the India branch was established, to better serve customers around the world.

Vision - Shanghai Ruizheng


The reason that Shanghai Ruizheng develops from a small factory and keeps expanding is that we harbor our great vision all the time and are willing to make arduous efforts for it, from leadership to ordinary staffs. The concept from manufacturer to leadership of chemicals indicates our idea upgrade more than just enterprise upgrade.

Philosophy - Shanghai Ruizheng


Within nearly 20 years Shanghai Ruizheng always holds mission of “To make customer satisfied and to make staffs happy” as motive power of development. We have already made great success at this aspect and will keep improving. Our customers highly evaluate our service and our staffs obtain better development.