100 regiments in one battle

On March 4, 2018, Shanghai Ruizheng Chemical Technology Co., LTD. participated in the 100 regiments in one battle organized by alibaba group, which lasted 45 days from March 5 to April 20.

100 regiments in one battle is a practical training product for alibaba to improve the market competitiveness and improve performance of foreign trade enterprises. It is a competition organized by alibaba for the excellent employees of foreign trade company. Through the game form, makes the foreign trade staff to develop their own potential, and improve themselves, and indirectly to the enterprise training the talented staff.

The campaign was a huge one, with everyone reporting on their order goals and the number of enquiries. This is a good opportunity to go out or see the company and take a look at the company's atmosphere and speed. In this process, the enterprise can precipitate some of the effective incentives to the salesmen, also can form a good atmosphere in the company.

Through this PK, the company has gained a new level in inspiring people, exploring potential, and refining the team. Richest Group will continue to carry forward the spirit of the game in our future work.