GE visited our rare earth material production base

In January, 2018, GE led a delegation to Richest Group to visit the production base of rare earth materials. The general manager of Richest group and other department heads in charge of the reception, to explain and demonstrate the work for the guests.

GE, one of the leading enterprises in China's automobile industry, has three brands of buick, Chevrolet and Cadillac. From the high-end luxury car to the economy car each gradient market, as well as the high performance luxury sedan, MPV, SUV, hybrid power and electric vehicle market segments.Its annual sales volume, from 20,000 cars in 1999 to more than 1.39 million in 2012, has become the fastest growing passenger car company in China. Currently, Richest Group is one of the major suppliers of rare earth materials for GE.

After ten years of hard work, Richest Group has developed into a rapidly growing enterprise with excellent competitiveness in domestic chemical industry.The company has strong competitive advantages in r&d, production and product service integration, technology, market, management team, etc.

In 2018, the company adheres to the mission of satisfying customers, making employees happy, constantly reforming and innovating, and striving to become a leader in the chemical trade industry.