Team building activities

On February 4, 2018, Shanghai Ruizheng chemical technology co., LTD, held a three-day team building activities, share a common mission and vision for employees and enterprises, improve the recognition and trust of each other, let each other have a deep-rooted journey.

Day 1: Year-end summary
Arrive Anji, take a break, and make a year-end summary. This meeting summarized the achievements of 2017 and formulated the plan for 2018.

In 2017, Shanghai Ruizheng chemical technology co., ltd. has undergone tremendous changes. Under the leadership of the leading group, all cadres and staff have fulfilled their duties, worked hard, completed various task indicators and achieved fruitful results, and the core customer revenue increased by 10%. The company's team members have been growing, and they have cultivated a set of leaders with excellent management ability. With the continuous practice and groping, the apprentice system with the characteristics of Richest Group has gradually improved.

Time flies, the time open a new page. In 2018, Richest Group will combine the actual situation and focus on the construction of customers, products, resources and team. In the New Year, the number of core customers should grow steadily. We focus on developing OLED, food additives, rubber and plastic products. Further expand the team and create a diversified promotion platform.

Day 2: Ski and spa in Jiangnan tianchi
Anji, zhejiang province, a county town, exudes the prosperity of the city. It is rich in bamboo, the of bamboo shoots from Anji is crisp and tender. Jiangnan tianchi is beautiful and picturesque, flat as mirror. We went skiing in the morning, and experienced the feeling of a rapid descent from the top of the mountain. After taking a short break in the afternoon, we went to the hot spring.  During the journey, our team opened up and spoke freely, enhancing the friendship and intimacy.

Day 3: Visit the Zhongnan Baicao garden
Anji Zhongnan Baicao garden is one of the largest new tourism and leisure sightseeing parks in the Yangtze river delta. here we experience the adventure of a roller coaster,  appreciate the long arm monkey acrobatics gymnastics, etc,. The sightseeing here is rich and varied, fun and interesting, leaving unforgettable memories for us.

The team building has helped employees relax and relax together. We will always put our customers first, make our customers satisfied, and make our employees happy.